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Hello and welcome to my blog focusing on investing. 

I'm interested in sharing my financial journey to inspire you and provide a real life example to compare against. Understanding how money works and how to invest it is at the heart of my blog. 
I'm a self-taught investor who is curious about how other investors have chosen to save and invest for their future.

Thanks for stopping by and please come by for more updates to see how I'm progressing. I hope you enjoy following my journey and I wish all of you success in your financial endeavors.

Dividend Income - May 2020

Dividend income may 2020

Time to post my May 2020 dividend income!  It was a little special month with my change of broker. Following my recent purchases from my investment portfolios, my annual dividends are now $718.65. But without further ado, for May 2020, I received $80.40 in dividends from seven (7) companies.

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Recent purchase: O - MAIN - STAG - T

Recent buy

I recently made 4 new purchases on my investments portfolios. I started by choosing companies that pay a monthly dividend to increase my capital faster.

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Recent purchase: VT - SWDA - PFPN100

Recent buy

I recently made 3 new purchases on my investment portfolios. Having withdrawn almost all of my funds from eToro, I have been thinking about a new investment strategy.

At first, I focused on ETFs that incubate the world stock market, rather than doing “Stock picking”.

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eToro feedback and why I did not close my account

Feedback etoro

Following my recent article on eToro, I would like to bring some new information that I obtained during a meeting with eToro personnel.

Several points were discussed during this meeting concerning my experience on eToro. As I mentioned in my previous article, I consider eToro as a good platform and this is also why I did not close my account.

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