Dividend Income - April 2020

Dividend income april

April 2020 is over and it's time to post my monthly dividend income. Many things happened in April, I became a Popular Investor on eToro, my goal is now to attract more investors to trust me by copying me. But without further ado, for the month of April 2020, I received $11.12 in dividends from nine (9) companies!

eToro dividend income April 2020

I had a lot of time this month, being at home since March 18, I took the opportunity to make some updates on my website and create a Dividend Tracker for eToro. I also increased the value of my portfolio and made several stock purchases, the estimate of my annual dividends now stands at $521.43 against barely $100 last year.

In April 2020, I received dividend payments from the following companies : 


KO - Coca-Cola :  $0.80

AGNC - American Capital Agency Corp. : $1.12

PG - Procter & Gamble Co : $0.32

NESN - Nestle SA : $2.07

T - AT&T Inc : $1.94

CSCO - Cisco : $0.27

GE - General Electric Co. : $0.08

HMMJ - Horizon Marijuana Life Sciences : $2.88

O - Realty Income Corp : $1.64

April dividend income on eToro add up to $11.12, which represents an increase of 33.49% from last year, where I made $8.33.

Below are some charts from my Portfolio & Dividend income Stats on eToro page to better visualize the results.

Dividend Income 2020

How did your portfolio perform in April? Did you achieve significant growth or decrease? Which companies do you follow right now? Feel free to leave a comment on the section below.

Dividend Income on eToro Dividend Income Portfolio eToro eToro

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