Dividend Income - July 2021

July dividend income

The month of July is over, several changes on my Interactive Brokers portfolio this month, I sold my PKO position and I bought Coca-Cola and Pfizer. Good news also the dividends of Realty Income (O) have increased, and a new retirement portfolio (VIAC) will appear, I will tell you about it next month. But without further ado, for July 2021, I received $77.57 in dividends.

Recent sales :   

PKO - Pimco Income Opportunity Fund :  I closed my entire position in PKO (150 shares) with a profit of $ 413.38 (+10.39%) $187 sale + $226.38 in dividends, because I might needed cash this month, finally I did not need it. So I took the opportunity to make 2 purchases of new shares.

Recent purchases :   

KO - The Coca-Cola Compagny :  My goal being to build a long-term and diversified portfolio, I bought Coca-Cola on my InteractiveBrokers portfolio, the company is stable and has always paid dividends. I bought 30 shares at a price of $57.01. I will regularly buy back shares to average the price.

PFE - Pfizer Inc. :  As with Coca-Cola, the goal is to diversify my long-term portfolio. I bought 25 shares of Pfizer at a price of $44.83. I will also increase the number of actions over the months.

In July 2021, I received dividend payments from the following companies :



O - Realty Income Corp : $20.02

STAG - Stag Industrial Inc : $10.27

MAIN - Main Street Capital Corp. : $8.71

TTE - TotalEnergies SE : $14.34

PKO - PIMCO Income Opportunity Fund  : $24.23

eToro fractionnal


July dividend income add up to $77.57, which represents an increase of 100.12% from last year, where I made $38.76.

Below are some charts from my Dividend Income page to better visualize the results.

Dividend Income

How did your portfolio perform in July? Did you achieve significant growth or decrease? Which companies do you follow right now? Feel free to leave a comment on the section below.

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