Dividend Update - July 2018

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Every month, I propose an article on the dividends I receive on my eToro portfolio. You will find in detail the shares and the amount of the dividends.

July 2018 is over, here is how the stats are broken down from the companies that paid me in July. 


• PG - Procter & Gamble  $0.29

T - AT&T Inc.  $2.26

• DIS - Walt Disney  $0.60

• Forex - NZD/CHF  $0.72

July dividends add up to $3.87, which represents an increase of 272.11% from last year, when I made $1.04. These dividends came from 3 companies, two more than last year in the same month and 1 currency pair. 

Below are some charts from my Dividend income page to better visualize the results.

Dividends by month july 2018

Total dividend income 2018 : $28.65, increase of 125.23% from last year.

Total dividends july 2018

How did your portfolio perform in July? Did you achieve significant growth or decrease? Which companies do you follow right now? Comments are always welcome below.

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