Dividend Update - July 2019

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This month I just exceeded the total of last year's dividends and it's been a year now that I write you an article every month to bring you my dividends on eToro.

Here is how the stats are broken down from the companies that paid me in July. 


• PG - Procter & Gamble Co :  $0.30

• T - AT&T Inc : $5.37

• DIS - Walt Disney : $0.63

• CSCO - Cisco : $0.27

• NZD/CHF - Forex : $0.56

Trade on eToro

July dividends add up to $7.13, which represents a 184.23% increase from last year, where I made $3.87.

Below are some charts from my Dividend income page to better visualize the results.

Dividends by month july 2019

Total dividend income 2019 :  $48.59

Total by year july 2019

How did your portfolio perform in July? Did you achieve significant growth or decrease? Which companies do you follow right now? Feel free to leave a comment on the section below.

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