Dividend Update - May 2019

May calendar 600x400

It has been a really busy year so far and May was no different. You have probably noticed, I haven't been as active lately writing posts or buying stock on eToro.

Here is how the stats are broken down from the companies that paid me in May. 


MSFT - Microsoft :  $0.32

VOW3 - Volkswagen AG : $5.74

UBS - UBS Group SA : $1.82

MCD - McDonalds : $0.47

NZD/CHF - Forex : $0.56

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May dividends add up to $8.91, which represents a 9.45% increase from last year, where I made $8.14.

Below are some charts from my Dividend income page to better visualize the results.

Dividends by month may 2019

Total dividend income 2019 : $35.72, decrease of -25.17% from last year.

Total by year may 2019

How did your portfolio perform in May? Did you achieve significant growth or decrease? Which companies do you follow right now? Feel free to leave a comment on the section below.

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