Dividend Income on eToro

Dividend Income - April 2020

Dividend income april

April 2020 is over and it's time to post my monthly dividend income. Many things happened in April, I became a Popular Investor on eToro, my goal is now to attract more investors to trust me by copying me. But without further ado, for the month of April 2020, I received $11.12 in dividends from nine (9) companies!

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Dividend Income - March 2020

Dividend income march

The first quarter of 2020 ends and it will be remembered as the market fell during the month of March like never before. This crisis hit my portfolio really hard, with a big drop, but I stay calm and keep my long term goals. I am taking advantage of this downfall to strengthen my positions in certain stocks in my eToro portfolio.

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Dividend Update - February 2020

Dividend income february

February is over, and it's really a very bad month because of the change in the payment of dividends by etoro, let's see together the dividends on my eToro portfolio.

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Dividend Update - January 2020

Dividend income january

The first month of the year is over, and it starts well with a nice increase in dividends on the eToro portfolio.

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