eToro dividends

Dividend Income - June 2021

6 june dividend income

The first half of the year is over, let's take a look at the results for June. Since the beginning of the year, I have received $491.40 in dividends, the goal of $1000 this year is possible. So, I recently added a position to my Interactive Brokers portfolio by purchasing TotalEnergy (TTE) and also PFPN100 on my Postinance portfolio. My dividends for the month of June are $84.63.

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Dividend Income - May 2021

Dividend income may 2020

Time to post my May 2021 dividend income! After a long months of absence I finally find time to post my monthly dividends. In may 2020, my annual dividend was $718. Currently my annual dividends are estimated at $1'014 , an increase of $ 296 (+ 41%). But without further ado, for May 2021, I received $107.38 in dividends, this is the first time I exceed $100 in a month. A first small step towards financial freedom.

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Dividend Income - June 2020

Dividend Income June

Time to post my June 2020 dividend income!  Here are my first dividends with my new investment portfolio at InteractiveBrokers, and I received $52.44 in dividends from five (5) companies.

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Dividend Update - October 2019

October dividend

October is over, and it's currently the best month of this year in dividends on my eToro portfolio.

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Dividend Update - September 2019

September Dividends

This month of September, no increase in dividends that are on the same level as last year, on my eToro portfolio.

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Dividend Update - August 2019

August calendar 600x400

August is over. It was not very good, even the dividends went on vacation in my eToro portfolio.

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Dividend Update - July 2019

July calendar 600x400

This month I just exceeded the total of last year's dividends and it's been a year now that I write you an article every month to bring you my dividends on eToro.

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Dividend Update - June 2019

June calendar 600x400

June 2019 is over, which ends the second quarter of the year as well. Let's see together my dividends on eToro portfolio.

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