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  • On Thursday, may 21, 2020
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Recent buy

I recently made 3 new purchases on my investment portfolios. Having withdrawn almost all of my funds from eToro, I have been thinking about a new investment strategy.

At first, I focused on ETFs that incubate the world stock market, rather than doing “Stock picking”.

Portfolio eToro


Let's start with my eToro portfolio. I bought 13 shares of SWDA.L. It is an ETF that covers a wide range of global companies in 23 developed countries, covering 85% of the stocks listed in each country. The particularity of this ETF is that it does not pay dividends, it is an "Accumulating", which means that the dividends are directly reinvested in the fund.

As you can see, until eToro makes the improvements regarding dividends, customer protection and the fact that we are not actually shareholders, I will not buy dividend shares on the platform. I am waiting to see.

Portfolio Interactive Brokers

My first steps at Interactive Brokers went wonderfully, I am completely satisfied with the platform. I'm preparing a full article on "Why I chose Interactive Brokers".

My first purchase on the platform is also an ETF, The Vanguard Total World Stock (VT). This ETF contains 8413 shares and 4 Bonds and unlike SWDA.L, it pays dividends.

For 50 VT shares around $ 80 / year, a yield of 2.37% for now.

Postfinance retirement portfolio

Here is some news: I will share with you part of my retirement portfolio at Postfinance. This is called the 3rd pillar in Switzerland. It is an individual pension which is used to supplement the 1st pillar (AVS - public pension), and the 2nd pillar (LPP - occupational pension).

I bought a pension fund from Postfinance, my current bank. The Postfinance Pension 100 (PFPN100) is a 98.6% equity fund, which mainly covers the Swiss market. There is no dividends payment, they are directly reinvested in the fund.

This is the most advantageous for me because, in Switzerland, there is no capital gains tax. In addition, all deposits on the 3rd pillar are tax deductible.

Here lies my recent purchases. I will, of course, build up an equity portfolio and resume monitoring my long term goals.

Currently, my total dividend yield on all of my portfolios is not great, around 0.87% / year. This is due to the fact that the PFPN100 and the SWDA do not pay dividends.

I will keep you informed of each new purchase on a wallet.

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