eToro Dividend Tracker v1

Welcome!  Thanks for wanting to learn more about my eToro Dividends Tracker

• Advantages : 

Simple and easy to use

Functions are automated

Under active development, do not hesitate to give me your opinion, or improvements you would like to have.

Automatically looks up dividends information including ex-Dividend date, payment date, amount and more. (SOON)

• Cons :

Google Sheet only. The spreadsheet uses Google Sheet-specific functions and will not work in Microsoft Excel.

If you have a lot of positions / Stocks, it will take a long time to load (approx. 30 min, but it's been looking for dividends since 2016 for me, you can close and reopen during loading). I am already thinking about this problem, maybe create a document for each year....

Get your eToro account statement

The first step is to download your eToro account statement.

Go to your eToro Portfolio history  -  ⚙️ Account Statement,

or ( )

Select Start Date : Always choose the first day of the year

Download your account statement in XLS format Icon xls

Import on Google Drive

The next step is to make your eToro account statement compatible with Google Sheet, you will need to have a Google account. 

Go to Google Drive ( ) and Import the statement. 

Open it with Google Sheet, and  " Save as Google Sheet " in Files.

 Now you are on your new spreadsheet,  you must get the document link.

Click on  "Share" at the top right and on "Get shareable link" - copy the link.

You can insert either the full url or just the key in the url :

e.g. key :  114i5vgLDYny-Puh-AqQrv7bV14AYjG1V

Set up the Dividend Tracker eToro

Go to the Dividend Tracker Sheet :

Create a copy :  Files -  Make a copy

All  you have to do is enter your key for the eToro data ( F4 in sheet ⚙️ Settings)  and wait to the data will load.

Possible error / Update

Currently functions are only done for stocks, if you have other product in your portfolio this can cause errors.

If you bought shares in 2019 or before you must also import the previous statements. 

(I was able to import 2016 to 2020 in a single file)

There are no company logos, you can add them manually, by taking the link directly on eToro.

e.g. Coca-Cola -  Insert : , in Data colum J 

I also have a database project of eToro actions, to avoid looking for manual logos.

There are surely other errors that I have not seen, please report them to me in order to improve the dividend tracker

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or offer suggestions about this template either via comments on eToro or the Contact link. I’ll try to answer them as quickly as I can.

Thank you

Comments (2)

  • 1. Kyle | Tuesday, september 22, 2020
NICE. This will be a great help!! Please continue to update this spreadsheet with new features. I AM A FAN.
  • trading-actu | Thursday, december 10, 2020
Hello Kyle, Thanks for your comment. Sorry but currently i don't have time to worry about updating the eToro dividend tracker. I should have more time early next year to update it

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