Portfolio on eToro

This page shows my eToro portfolio. I currently have one (1) ETF for the global stock market in this portfolio.

SWDA is an ETF that covers a wide range of global companies within 23 developed countries, covering 85% of the listed equities in each country. There is no dividends payment, they are directly reinvested in the fund. It is a portfolio to seek long-term growth.

My eToro portfolio is available live on the eToro website.

Profits & Losses in $ and % can slightly differentiate from the eToro site because the prices are provided by Google Finance.

@Trading-Actu | My portfolio on eToro

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  • 1. MJ | Saturday, january 09, 2021
How do you get such chart to your web site from eToro? This is nice.
  • trading-actu | Wednesday, february 24, 2021
Hello MJ, Thank you, I did it myself with google sheet.

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